Friday, May 18, 2012

This Time of Year

My favorite time of year in the DC area is now! It's getting warmer, the days are longer, but it's not muggy and buggy yet.

A couple of weekends ago, Mike and I wanted to check out the installation piece at the Hirshhorn Museum called Song 1 by Doug Aitken.

Of course, we had to wait till it got dark out, so we sat at the bar at the newly renovated Jaleo. I had been to the Crystal City location once before, but this time, getting recommendations from our knowledgeable bartender, I was really blown away. The cheese and charcuterie plate was amazing, and the multiple tapas dishes we order were all scrumptious in their own unique way.

The best part was a cocktail called The Last Word, and the house made flan to complete our meal.

We then headed to the Hirshhorn and immediately I was mesmerized by the 360-degree projection film that encompasses the entire circular building. It truly is a beautiful piece, and this is the FINAL WEEKEND! So if you haven't already, go see this piece! And hit up Jaleo while you're at it!

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