Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Myanmar Restaurant

My friend Alvin left the company that I am currently working at last week. On to bigger and better things! I've worked with him for over 4 years so it is really sad to see him go. Not to mention the fact that I will have more work to do…

On Friday he took a group of us to Myanmar Restaurant in falls church where he introduced us to his native Burmese cuisine. It was really fantastic because he and his wife were familiar with the food so they just ordered a big smorgasbord for everyone to sample from.

My favorite was the curry pumpkin. I would love to get a recipe for that and make it at home. Or just go back again!

I was mostly glad that we weren't served a century egg!


  1. A little too late but just found out about your blog. Small memories usually makes a great blog, that's what you have. Keep it up. :)


  2. YAY! I should have sent you this link earlier. How do you like the Century egg reference? We still bring that up from time to time!