Monday, April 11, 2011

Dog Parties

Yesterday I ran into one of my neighbors who we see pretty often when she takes her cute little beagle outside for business. She mentioned she was having a birthday party for… wait for it… yes, for her dog!  and asked if we would like to come. I have heard of this phenomena and was so excited to experience this for myself.

The party was at this little shop in Fairfax called Wylie Wagg. It's very nice and has all kinds of toys, accessories, all-natural dog food, and the like. I think we will shop there when we finally get a pooch of our own.

Meanwhile, I think we may have been the only people at this party without a dog or a miniature version of ourselves, which I've learned makes you less approachable at this sort of thing. People like talking to other people when they can comment on the cuteness of their living belongings.

My verdict on doggy birthday parties? Yes, it's ridiculous, but why not celebrate the furry friends in your life? I remember how special our family dogs were growing up, and I think any reason to get friends, neighbors, kids, and dogs together can't be bad at all.

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