Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day in the Country

On Saturday we decided to get away from it all and spend the day in the country. About 45 minutes from home is the  State Arboretum of Virginia . It was probably an odd time to go because the flowers and trees are starting to brown, but the fall colors aren't quite there yet. Scenically, it was a little drab, but the weather was perfect. We walked around the large grounds for a couple of hours and saw lots of creatures from butterflies to deer. In the end, it was a lovely day to commune with nature.

Afterwards, we decided to try Red Horse Tavern in the quaint town of Middleburg. They serve typical tavern food. Mike tried the Fish 'n Chips with a Hard Cider and I got a bowl of White Bean Chili, and Pinot Grigio. The food was good and the outdoor seating was perfect.


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