Friday, December 10, 2010

Facebook Mad Libs!

Have you noticed the status update in the form of a short letter trend on Facebook? Well so have I. And now you too can join in the fun – with Facebook Mad Libs!

Dear (noun that is causing you grief),
Would you be so kind as to (verb in which you would like said noun to start or stop doing)? Because of this, I am feeling (negative emotion). You are causing me (huge inconvenience that is resulting from action/inaction).
(your name)

Glossary of Terms:

NOUN -  A person, group of people, place or inanimate object that is not your Facebook friend, and has no way in which to read, much less respond to your plea.

VERB - A not so surprising, yet mildly annoying action, preferably containing grammatical and/or spelling errors.

NEGATIVE EMOTION - The way you normally feel, but now have a completely legitimate reason for expressing, and would like all of your friends to validate.

HUGE INCONVENIENCE - Something that is actually fairly minuscule in the grand scheme of things and often brought on by oneself, not said noun.

Happy Mad Libing!

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