Monday, August 23, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Yes, I am coming out. Coming clean about a guilty pleasure; I am a Twilight fan! I just completed Stephenie Meyer’s final installment of the dramatic vampire, werewolf (shape-shifter to be precise), teenage drama series. And boy was it good! True, I am a 30 year old woman, who could be reading the likes of Joyce, Rand, or even Austin for God’s sake… But I am not ashamed!

Last week I heard a Commentary on npr by author Joshua Braff
about his dealings with keeping guilty pleasures to himself.
Of course, being a professional writer, Braff may have a higher standard of intellectual clout to live up to. Still, I’ve received an eye rolling or two for my literary choices. And who wants to be frowned upon for reading something they enjoy? So I really appreciated the final lines from the article:

“… tell those people whom you really enjoy reading. And if they smile-giggle and a hush comes over the room, don't do what I did and lie to your classmates. Be proud of the books you've absorbed. Revel in your guilty pleasures.”

And I will.

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