Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Ain't from Around These Parts.

This past weekend Glenn Beck brought the "Restoring Honor Rally" to our fine region. While I failed to attend, I did spot quite a few rally goers. How did I know that these people were not from around here? Choice of wardrobe ie. some variation of an American Flag t-shirt.

I believe this fashion statement is meant to say, "I am a patriot". But to me, wearing a tacky t-shirt from Wal-Mart that was most likely made in Taiwan just says, "I am wearing a tacky t-shirt, I have no sense of taste and lack individuality." 

Since we live in the land of the free, we are welcome to express ourselves how we see fit. But perhaps, attempting to support our Democratically elected leader,  seeking common ground, and having compassion for others would speak more to the love of your country than marching in protest of… I'm not sure what?

To see some fabulous examples, check out this amusing article on Brightest Young Things

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